MAGNEFINE - Automatic Transmission Filter
Dual filtration magnet and membrane filter - installs into the return line for fleet or retro fitting into the transmission case out line for OEM production or new vehicle applications. Removes 99% of wear metal particles and improves fluid efficiency.

Extends the life of Automatic Transmissions. Reduces repeat failures.

MAGNEFINE - Power Steering Filter
Power steering is now common on most new vehicles. Unfortunately most power steering systems do not provide any filtration, yet the hard metal particles produced by the high pressure pump can invade your power steering system and cause expensive repairs.

Once installed, a Magnefine Magnetic filter can remove all of these damaging metal particles and protect your vital Power Steering System for the life of the vehicle.

MAGNAFILTER - Magnetic Spin-on Filter Adapter
Powerful magnetic pre-filter that attaches to all popular spin-on oil filters and upgrades filtration efficiency. Suitable for hydraulic, fuel, coollant or engine configurations – wherever spin-on filters are used.

Cleans 'wear' your spin-on filter can't! Removes wear metal particles that cause Abrasive and Erosive wear in fluid systems. Doubles the cleaning power of spin-on filters.

FIT FOR LIFE - Magnetic Inline Insert
Features patented magnetic flux-array technology to improve fluid cleanliness. Replaces existing power steering and hydraulic return lines.

For OEM and Aftermarket applications.

Provides lifetime protection from metal contamination in Power Steering and Hydraulic Systems. Breaks the 'Cycle of Wear' by removing metal particles smaller than the dynamic clearance of the lubrication fluid.


Only Magnefine gives you the advantages of dual-filtration: a powerful magnet and paper membrane

Change your oil and fluids recently? So did I and look what the magnet pulled out in just 5,000 miles

Steering systems work under enormous hydraulic pressure, yet have no protective filtration

MAGNAFILTER is designed to attach on all popular spin-on oil filters and is highly effective in capturing the metal contaminants your oil filter lets pass right through