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Magnefine Filter Kits are available for 5/16" 3/8" and 1/2" line sizes. All transmission kits include installation hardware and instructions. Not sure of the correct size for your car? Go to the
Magnefine Easy-Match guide to match your transmission type.

Not sure what transmission you have or which Magnefine you need? Click on the handy link below to find your make, model and transmission type to match to Magnefine:

Power Steering Kits are only available in 3/8" line size. The filter is easily imstalled into the fluid return line (low pressure). The kit includes all installation hardware and instructions

MAGNAFILTER is available in size 300 (3") for small and 370 (3
3/4) for large spin-on filters. There is a MAGNAFILTER to match all popular cars with spin-on filters. See the MAGNAFILTER Magnafilter Easy-Match guide.

Not sure what spin-on filter your car uses. Go to our useful links of popular filters below and enter your make and model to find out your filter type so you can match it with MAGNAFILTER.

fram (Go to Parts Catalog, then Year/Make/Model)

NOTE: Fit for Life Hydraulic filters are currently only available to OEMs.

Magnafilter is ideal for OEMs, fleets and all applications where superior oil filtration is needed

Magnefine is the best way to protect your auto-transmission and power steering system from damaging wear-metal