"My previous vehicle was serviced by the dealer from new and covered over 60,000 miles without any significant problems. At the 20,000 mile service, I discussed with the mechanic that I was not happy with the way the transmission changed gears. He suggested installing a Magnefine inline filter to the return fluid line. After installing the magnetic filter, I noticed that the timing and smoothness of the automatic transmission actually started to improve. When he removed the filter at the next service, and cut it open for examination, I was astounded to see a thick sludge of metal particles covering the magnet and the paper inside the oil filter and all of this passed through the transmission filter. My mechanic informed me that the sludge was really metal particles that would be normally in the fluid, causing damage.

I could not believe that all this metal would normally be circulating through my transmission! I'm not a mechanic – however the Magnefine filter seemed to actually revitalized my auto transmission and kept it performing like new.

I now drive a high-performance turbo car and I have installed another filter to the auto transmission. My mechanic says it should be an essential part of my long term maintenance plan."

T. Parry
Creative Director  

Media One

"As a long-term SAE member, practising mechanic and senior college lecturer in automotive engineering, there’s not much I don’t know or haven’t seen when it comes to mechanical innovation. While everybody knows the value of keeping oils and fluids contamination free – in reality, changing filters and fluids is only part of the solution. You have to control the abrasive and erosive wear as you drive. I have seen a few attempts at using magnetism to remove ferrous metal contaminants from hydraulic, transmission and engine fluids, and most have been of marginal value in my opinion.

The only truly effective way that I know is direct, inline filtration – and that’s why Boss magnetic filtration gets my vote. Why? The reason is simple – because it forces the contaminated fluid to pass directly over the entire magnet’s surface, where the magnetic field is at maximum strength. This removes even sub-micron particles. The same simply can’t be said for pan magnets, paper membranes or external magnetic sleeves. As I tell my students, clean oil is the lifeblood of a healthy engine or transmission."

B. Elsegood
Snr Lecturer, Automotive Engineering.
University of Technology.  

Magnetic filtration keeps my car at its best for 50,000 miles!