You do know that:
• There is only a very thin film of oil that cushions and protects vital high speed moving parts in your Engine, Automatic Transmission and Power Steering. How thin? ... It's a small BIG problem.  

• You change your oil and filters because the cleaner your oil the better your vehicle will perform and the longer it will last. Why does your oil get dirty?

Maybe you DIDN'T know this:
• Your existing filter can't filter out the most damaging particles. Boss filters clean where your filter can't.

• It's the hard metal particles, small enough to easily pass through the existing filter, that jam within the protective film of oil and damage the high tolerance surfaces. These small, hard metal particles circulating in the lubricating fluid, will continuously tear away at your Engine, Power Steering and Automatic Transmission.

Changing fluids will not stop it. Even the best most expensive synthetic oil, when dirty, will damage your car's vital components. Less metal = Less wear.

• Magnetic filtration can save you money on repairs and improve your car's performance and reliability.

Fact: Over 50% of the metal contaminants in your oil are damaging heat-hardened iron.  

Why Boss Magnetics?
Boss filters are the most efficient, most economical, magnetic filters available – the result of continuous R&D by our engineers and scientists. We are continuously testing our products in laboratories, on fleets and at the racetrack.

The OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have thoroughly tested and approved Boss filters to operate to their rigid standards.

Boss Magnetic filters have been used and approved by Ford Motor Co and DamlierChrysler.

The many millions of Boss Magnetic filters in use have demonstrated warranty savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Guarantee not Gimmicks
There are some magnetic products on the market that simply strap on, slide in or stick onto the exterior of your existing spin-on oil filter. This is not as effective. Why? Because everybody knows that magnets work best when closest to the target metal. Move them away and they lose power. While these other products have some magnetic effect (and may show a collection of metal particles) these are mostly not the smaller and most damaging particles. They don't have the unique OEM approved Boss technology.

But there are already magnets in my transmission pan ...
Yes, car makers have known for years that metal is the killer of transmissions.They have been putting more and more magnets in the pans of transmissions, but still transmissions continue to fail due to contamination. Until they stared using Magnefine patented magnetic filtration...see Transmission Performance.

The magnets in the pan only catch the iron particles that are heavy enough to sink to the bottom and fall within the attraction field of the magnet.Meanwhile the small damaging iron particles are either held in suspension in the fluid or don't even come close to the pan magnets.

Magnefine patented filtration process is INLINE so all the fluid, all the time, passes directly over the high tech magnets and within its powerful magnetic field, capturing and holding both large and small damaging iron contaminants.

Our 100% money back promise
Boss Product's magnetic devices guarantee to effectively remove more iron particles (especially the dangerous small ones) than any other similarly priced magnetic device on the market, or your money back.


The powerful multi-flux magnet removes all ferrous particles

Unlike external magnets - only direct inline filtration will remove iron particles effectively

Independent laboratory tests have shown that Boss Magnetic Filration is up to 99.97% efective in removing damaging iron particles that spin-on filters cannot remove

Laboratory tests have shown that Boss Magnetic Filtration can remove up to 99.97% of ferrous metal contaminants

Pan magnets only capture the larger/heavier particles. Leaving the small damaging ones to multiply and damage components (see below)